Botanical Living

The topic of herbal use have been flowing through many minds for centuries. The use of botanical have been studied and researched all over the world. Not for the beauty of them, but for the natural healing properties of each and every plant. A vast majority of this world is covered in a specific plant for specific ailments.

Think of it like; the earth is your healer. 



From earth based products, foods, medicines and natural remedies herbs and many plants have their own individual power. The most powerful healing that this earth have ever created are herbs. Many culinary experts use herbs for cooking, herbalist turn fresh herbs into medicine, others just use it as a daily supplement in whatever area need be. Some plants made be used into textiles and clothing. Each individual herb is under specific categories for which ailments or approach for use is. If there is a medication that is man-made chemically engineered to work in certain areas; you bet there is an herb for it. See more insight on the viscous fight of pharmaceuticals vs herbals here.




Most research confirms that the use of herbal remedies dates back thousands, and thousands of years deep rooted from spiritual aspects and the lack of health resources. There is no specific schooling and/or courses to be a certified herbalist. Many herbalist are developed from generations of knowledge and some just grow up in it. There are courses and schools dedicated to herbalism that may help expand your knowledge and understanding of the use of herbs. Which are very helpful! I am home based learning with a couple of online courses to gain more insight. A lot I have learned on my own through trial and error, endless experiments, and hours worth of research. Throughout this blog, I am aiming to raise awareness on other forms of healing and a way of healing. Information on herbs and anything you need to know about them will become available more as time progresses.

I do warn! 

Be cautious and knowledgeable in your choices to move into herbal healing! Do research and never forget to talk with your doctor about going herbal and natural. Some medications that you already are taking may cause serious or unwanted side effects from interactions.


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