When a single therapy is not enough

Mental and emotional wounds are hard to heal, especially when you feel like no one could possibly understand. When you have healing to do, your doctor will send you to a psychiatrist to send you off with some pills and a therapist to spill your guts to. Jotting down something here and there as you continue to speak. You think to yourself “what is he/she writing?” You automatically think they’ve noticed a flaw at that moment, and your mind subconsciously moves while you’re still babbling. Then the anxiety gets to you, “Is this bad?” “Am I a bad person?” “I wonder what he/she is thinking?” Therapist after therapist, the process is agony! Waiting for the pills to kick in, waiting on feeling a change and bettering your life but then the pain is still there. psychologist

The hard truth is; we need to do ALL the work. We are the ones who feel sad, angry, grieving; we are the ones trapped inside our minds that just keep going on like the energizer bunny. Not our doctors, therapists, psychiatrist (mind that they do also have hardships), but we are still suffering. Even if depression and/ or anxiety is so wide spread its greatly relateable; but we all suffer in our own ways. All of our worries are worrisome because we are all important. Our lives are us, we create what we sow in many ways than one.

Sometimes, we need to get inside our comfort zone. Our lives are built around taking care of others instead of taking care of ourselves. That’s the biggest part: taking care of ourselves. If we do not take care of ourselves, we will lose. Taking charge of taking care of yourself, will take charge of your life.


These are some ideas of basic alternative therapies when you don’t know where to begin!


  • Journal – some journal about what they did that day or their thoughts of their day.pexels-photo-606541.jpeg Some chart their moods and feelings to gain a better grasp on how their minds function. I use multiple methods to journal which include; personal writing prompts, gratitude, dreams, and goals (with plans). It keeps my mind organized and reading everything from time to time teaches you about yourself.
  • Be Mindful – Being mindful keeps you in the present moment,  your present moment. It will give you a chance to feel as you are and to gain a higher perspective of what surrounds you and your body. It gives you a moments of happiness being in your body and being you. Practicing mindfulness daily is scientifically proven to reduce depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.
  • Read – Sometimes, when your mind wont shut up its hard to gain focus on reading, and even finding the attention span. Reading can hold you for a moment, relaxing and learning at the same time. Reading and learning about mental and emotional topics or inspirational books may help drastically. You might feel a little less “lost” when it comes to understanding something that is so common.
  • Move – You’re probably thinking “yea, yea, I hear this WAY too much… but its true! I wont go into all the endorphins mumbo jumbo now but it does help. Even if you’re sitting down and journaling, drawing, etc helps dramatically. Just DO something!

Do not:

  • Criticize yourself – You’re inner critic can be your worst enemy, trust me, its mine! We all have an inner critic that picks and pokes at our self esteem and our mental capacity to more forward. Telling your inner critic to F off gives you chances of possibilities and opportunities.
  • Give Up – We all know this feeling way too well. More than wed like to, but sometimes, we need to feel the moment and take it as a learning experience. Life is our school; it will come with lessons.
  • Delay with excuses – Delaying ourselves with excuses is just fueling the fire. “I’ll meditate tomorrow, I feel depressed today.” – Tomorrow comes and your meditation never happens.- Maybe a week later you will and you’ll think “Why didn’t I just do it then, its so wonderful!(negative self talk most likely to take place).” Nipping excuses in the but will make you more productive and getting things done to be stress free!



If there is anything at all you enjoy doing, a hobby, anything at all, do it. It will make the process smoother and lessen the depression and/or anxiety symptoms. Just because doctors refer you to therapists and psychologists, does not mean you wont do any work. It does give you guidance on where to start and what may help. Keeping yourself grounded and a willingness to learn and grow, will set you on the right path to healing.


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