3 simple “mindless” anxiety busters

Oh anxiety, you’re such a jerk. Affecting millions worldwide and the numbers of those affected are still climbing. We all know how to experience anxiety very well, but not everyone has success receiving relief from it. Anxiety is just one of those things that affect everyone, but everyone feels different effects:

Sweaty palms

Racing heart

Difficulty Breathing

Chest Pains

Hand rubbing

Skin Picking


Instant loss of appetite

Hair Pulling

Shutting down

Excessive Crying


These are just very few (yes few) of the affects of anxiety that take the toll of the unsuspecting. Our mind keeps going round, and round, and round; just like a hamster running its wheel. One thought leads to another, and suddenly, you’re the worst person in the world. The thing is, you’re not… The anxiety is!

Sometimes medications can become so dependent on us that the symptoms are relieved, but the anxiety just still finds a way to creep on back. There are many, MANY tips on how to relieve anxiety but some tips need too much thinking. I know when I have anxiety bouts, my mind will NOT shut up! This makes it hard for me to concentrate on certain directions I have recieved.


‘When beginning stages of anxiety erupt, focus on a number of items you see, feel, taste, etc.’ – My anxiety doesn’t let me count, I may count wrong and go back and back then I feel like a burden on my own self that I cant follow simple directions.

Here are simple exercises to relieve anxiety when it presents itself that is not really that much work!

1. Triangle  breathing


  • Begin to breath in slowly from blue, all the way to the end of green.
  • Exhale a slow long breath on yellow.
  • Do x3 or more if you wish!


-When I started doing this, the more I did it, the more I can visualize a triangle in my mind. As I continue to do it throughout my daily life, the triangle just pops right up when I need it!-

2. Count backwards -Back to basics!

  • 5,4,3,2,1

  • The reason for this is, concentrating on counting backwards there’s an end. If you count forward, you can keep counting mindlessly and not have the same effect. It takes your mind away from the anxiety because it switches portions of the brain to function back to the original stance before the anxiety had arrived.

-After I do this, I normally forget what I was bumming so hard about. Win Win!-



3. Ground yourself

I’m not talking about candle lighting or incense burning -even though it helps!- or sitting in an awkward position. You can ground yourself at any moment you need. Its not a meditation but it does involve focusing on yourself. Just about the same as being mindful, it has basically the same effects. Put your feet flat on the ground sitting and standing, and just observe yourself as you are.

-Finding your place in your body and mind develops a sense of awareness of your anxiety to peacefully and mindfully put it to rest. Show your anxiety who’s boss and who runs your life!-


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