What Mindfulness meditation is, exactly

I’m sure you’ve heard snippets here and there about mindfulness. Mindfulness meditation is becoming more and more popular and millions of people around the world use it in their daily lives.


But what is it?

-Mindfulness among other meditations, is one of the oldest meditation practices known to date. Buddhist term ‘sati’ means mindfulness which comes a long way from the Buddhist tradition. It is something we all naturally possess but with daily practice it grows stronger and continues with habit.

-When you are in the present, examining your being and everything around you; you are being mindful. You are easier aware of your feelings, your environment, smell, taste, touch, etc, the more you can use mindfulness the more you will be able to grow as a human being.

Whenever you bring awareness  to what you are experiencing, you are being mindful. Sometimes you don’t necessarily have to meditate to be mindful but using mindfulness in meditation spews out so many benefits; its like walking on clouds.

Scientists have actually been studying the physics, the being,  and all health effects that derive from mindfulness meditation. Numerous sources claim scientists have made experiments on mindful meditators and their brain structure. Which proves, mindful meditation can and will change the structure of your brain.That being said, when you are being mindful, it actually changes the structure of your brain. It does not change who we are as a person but with these practices, we are readily available to cultivate the  ability to be fully present, be aware of where you are and what you’re doing, and initially change your reaction – action process.

Its not difficult at all, it is pretty simple! Plus, it gets way easier the more you do it!


Key Platforms:

Use up spare time

  • Anywhere you are and  have a free few minutes on your daily itinerary, you can squish in some practice! You don’t need anything materialistically to assist with your practice. (Even though they are extremely comfy)


  • Observe you and your surroundings and observe the present moment as it is.
  • Aiming to pay attention to the present with no need to quiet yourself, but one must do without any judgements.

Keep bringing it back to the present

  • If your wandering mind gets the best of you, do not give up!
  • Thoughts and judgments always pass through, but always let them pass.
  • Acknowledge you have thoughts, but let them go as they serve no purpose to you at that very moment.
  • When you practice coming back to the present when your mind wanders,  your thoughts will become unnoticeable each time you do it.


How to:

  1. Use your breath as an anchor – whenever you feel yourself floating away, come back to that breath, take a deep breath, and refocus.
  2. Sit as comfortably as you can – root your legs to the ground if need be, and just feel how your legs and the way you are sitting. If not sitting in the lotus position, letting your feet touch the ground may also be used as another anchor.
  3. Keep yourself straight – When you find a position that suits your fancy, be sure to keep that spine straight, no slouching – but also no stiffening. Just be.
  4. Keep your shoulders straight and drop your arms.- Let your arms drop laying your hands on the top of your legs/thighs.
  5. Feel what your eyes are doing – You do not need to keep your eyes closed, just drop your gaze a little bit so no energy is wasted on straining. It will come to you.
  6. Pay attention – All you need to do is breathe, feel in the present, and let your thoughts roll.

Always remember, practice makes perfect!

Mindfulness mediations can and will be the best practice you could ever bring into your life. It grows you as a person and I hope you blossom into the best version of yourself you can be!

Just Be!






Please feel free to comment with questions or just comments of experiences!


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