The Mind


As we all know; the brain is the most complex thing we can all come to understand. The battles with mental illness, mental disorders, and even today’s stress. The rise on depression and anxiety are at an all time high and it all comes down to how to battle the mind. The key to life is ultimate happiness, right? The unfortunate part is we all come into hardships and battles that no one else could personally understand. We all deal with everything differently; everyone problems are specifically a big deal. Everyone has experienced sadness, anger, despair, etc. They are all negative and dark emotions and we all respond in a different way. Harnessing your mind is one of the most important and life changing thing anyone can possibly do. Hear me out; even having a superb, sharp mind does not mean hardships will not come. Challenges/hardships are life’s learning lessons – we will never stop learning throughout our lives even if we realize it or not. Coming in tune with mindfulness in your every day life will change your outlook on absolutely everything. Its amazing! You feel more aware, more “in the now”, and you feel like you have more control and power for the amount of mindfulness you practice. Being mindful is all about being peaceful, and being peaceful is to have great control over your mind and defeat the hell out of the battles.

The Mind is one of three main topics I write about. It takes the mind to connect the body and the spirit. One of the biggest hardships I’ve had is the battle with mental illness.